2023 Interior Design Trends

November 9, 2022

We can all agree that the past few years have brought about change in the way we live and use our homes (shout out to home offices and study nooks). As we look forward to 2023 with optimism, here are some design trends that I believe will continue on and ones that will emerge…


Ribbon staircases (such as this GORGEOUS example below), arches, circles, and waves are continuing to dominate interiors through furniture, art and décor. We are choosing to incorporate soft edges and organic shapes into our homes to highlight comfort and ease. The use of curves is actually a throwback to the Art Deco period and the 60s - we are adopting these styles and revamping them in a contemporary way.        

Image from here



As per the Dulux 2023 forecast which I wrote about last month, bold and fun colours will be embraced in the coming years. Expect to see colour used in new and unexpected ways, such as the mauve ceiling in this picture...

Painting is one of the most inexpensive and impactful interior changes you can make in your home. An easy and low risk way to embrace new colours into your home is to paint your front door. I predict that there will be a lot more colourful exterior front doors around Melbourne in the coming 18 months. Take a look at my Pinterest page, as I have created a board of front door inspiration to get your creative juices flowing...

Ferrari Interiors Pinterest Page
Ferrari Interiors 'Front Door Inspirations' on Pinterest


A growing trend in the USA that will likely make its way to our shores is the double kitchen island, as per this one in my Macleod project...

Ferrari Interiors Macleod Project
Ferrari Interiors Macleod project. Click here to see more pics of this fabulous home

As the kitchen is one of the key entertaining and gathering spaces in the home, the double island is practical as it accommodates a larger amount of people and separates the work space from the casual eating zone. Some notable examples of the trend from the USA, include Hilary Duff’s home, and the kitchen in this amazing mid-century house – click on the links to read my blog posts in full about them.

Hilary Duff's double island kitchen
Double Island bench in LA Mid-Century Home


Soft materials such as faux fur, velvet, mohair and boucle are being included in homes to create a cosy and relaxing environment. The addition of these textures can easily be done with cushions, scatter throws and blankets.

We used lots of lovely soft textures in this Flinders St Apartment

Beautiful, textured occasional chairs are also quite popular now and are a great option to add a focal point in a room, such as this curved tub chair from Boyd Blue.


Natural materials will always be on trend in the home as they age beautifully and are long lasting. Particularly classics such as timber floors and stone benches.  

During the pandemic lockdowns, there was a craze of houseplants, as many of us chose to cope in our homes by surrounding ourselves with nature. Other natural materials that are on the rise are clay, glass and cork. I also predict that the popularity of mid-century staples, cane and rattan, will continue into 2023.

 Image from here



So, what do you reckon, do you think I am spot on in my predictions? Do you think that double benches are a ridiculous waste of space and that there is no way they will make it to our shores? Or perhaps you think I have overlooked a key design trend that you believe you are seeing in every magazine?  Please drop me a line to let me know if you agree or not 😊

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