Hilary Duff’s Cheerful Beverly Hills Renovation

September 8, 2022

Hilary Duff’s Cheerful Beverly Hills Renovation

Hilary Duff loves renovating. Her home, a Beverly Hills mansion, was purchased when she was 22 and cashed up from being a child star for Disney. She is now 34, and a successful adult actor with 3 children. Her gorgeous house has evolved with her life. Since she first purchased it there have been 2 renovations. In her home’s latest evolution, she worked with an interior designer to create a family home with bright colours.  Highlights include an indoor slide(!), an indulgent en-suite retreat and a chicken coop.

Let’s take a look at some of great features.

Aside from the stunning oversized pendant light in the porch, Hilary is another celebrity that boasts a beautifully coloured front door. Like Katy Perry and Emma Stone, Hilary is also a fan of a sweet entrance way. The pink contrasts and softens the dark grey. For a similar colour, I recommend Porters Paint Nude.

I have also managed to track down a picture of the home pre-renovation. (Who doesn’t love a good before photo?).

Here is the exterior pictured when Hilary initially purchased the property.


The Kitchen Now

 Hilary herself picked out the patterned tiles for the kitchen. When the tiles were initially installed, she admitted to panicking and experienced buyers’ remorse. The designer that she worked with reassured her that it would all come together once the hardware, blue cabinetry and accessories were installed. The result is a playful and vibrant kitchen that she now loves.

The Kitchen Before

Son’s Bedroom

The coolest feature in Hilary’s home would have to be the bedroom that was designed for her 10-year-old son. The room has very high ceilings, so Hilary and her designers were able to take full advantage by placing a SLIDE in his bedroom!! The above-bed loft and net are also awesome features, the idea is that it encourages both activity and relaxation. I wonder how successful it is in balancing both - more of the former than the latter I would predict!

The Master Suite

Although I am a huge fan of the Arts& Crafts wallpaper in the master bedroom, and I love the storage solutions (and the Birkins) in the WIR, the most impressive part of the master suite would have to be Hilary’s bathroom. It’s a room that she has managed to ban her husband and children from and it her personal haven within the home. If you take a closer look, you would be correct in seeing that the suite is fully furnished and even has a couch next to the tub. If you have the space, it’s a great idea.

The Dining Room After

The Dining Room Before

Living Area After

Living Area Before

The before and after pictures of Hilary’s Dining and Living areas are a fantastic indication of the lovely job that she and her designers did. I am particularly impressed with the marble feature behind the fireplace in the living area, along with the line of the curtain rails.

The pendant above the dining table is stunning, and beautifully reflects the blue and gold materials from the kitchen.

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area of the home has another cool slide, this time it’s a waterslide attached to a treehouse that is painted the same colours as the main home. According to Architectural Digest, the chicken coop was something she had wanted for many years, and was a recent Mother’s Day gift from her husband.

If you would like Hilary herself to give you a tour of the home, there is a 11-minute YouTube video here. She explains some of the choices she made in her home and you see it in more depth. It is actually quite interesting, I promise!

If you would like to work with me to recreate some of the renovation magic from Hilary’s home into your own, I’d love to chat, so drop me a line.

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