Awe Inspiring Mid-Century Home in LA

July 25, 2022

Awe Inspiring Mid-Century Home in LA

The LA home of model & philanthropist, Mary Kitchen, is a great example of taking elements of mid-century style and making it your own. As the inspired owner states when she embarked on her renovation, “I wasn’t looking for a cool mid-century house in the Hollywood Hills, with exquisitely tasteful interiors,” she says, adding emphatically, “I didn’t want a house that looks like everyone else’s.”

In the 1960's property, bland has been avoided at all costs, in favour of eccentric individualism. The result is a mix of retro blended with contemporary that is fun, yet sophisticated.

Dive in and check it out...

If you are feeling inspired and would like to learn more about mixing Mid-Century modern with contemporary style in your home, please contact us, or give Bernadette a call on 0417 088 602 to book a consultation.

All images via Architectural Digest.

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