Marvellous Modernist Motels

February 24, 2023

As someone who appreciates vintage design and nostalgia, I was immediately smitten when images of the Kyneton Springs Motel popped up in my Inbox. The recently renovated mid-century modern charmer, located a 90-minute drive north of Melbourne, took me back in time to the days of timber veneer, strong patterns, bold colours and the little thrill of an in-room buffet hutch and breakfast tray. And thank goodness, it certainly is a lot more fashionable than it ever was in the 80s.

Let’s take a look…

I think that the tv wall unit is my favourite feature. My friend's family used to have one just like it in their lounge room! I haven’t yet made plans for the Easter break, but as I am pining for a holiday full of delicious food and Spa Treatments (it's only 30 minutes from Daylesford) Kyneton has gone to the top of my list.

If you live, or are travelling, outside of Victoria, there are other, equally charming, retro-motels to give you all the nostalgic feels.

They include…

The Isla, Batemans Bay

The Isla is very sophisticated with custom crafted oak furnishings, terrazzo features, brushed brass accents and an umbrella shaded pool. This motel also features a Cantina, the Isla’s version of a mini-bar, that has vending machines which dispense wine and beer. (Apparently the only one in NSW that has a license to do so!) 

The Sunseeker, Byron Bay

The Sunseeker is a nostalgic version of an '80s brick motel. The design highlights are the bespoke furniture pieces, curved pool and library. You may also enjoy catching the waves with in-house surf board hire 🤘 

Riverfront Motel, Hobart

Located on the Derwent River and in walking distance to MONA, the Riverfront Motel was originally built in the 1950s. The motel has plenty of options for a variety of price points. Lovers of mid century modern will not be able to go past the River Cottage, which is a modernist delight, with gorgeous views of the Derwent from the living areas and a kitchen that will transport you back in time.  

Let me know via socials or email if there are any other inspiring motel accommodations that I should add to my ‘Must See’ list, and I would love to hear if you are lucky enough to visit any of these gems.

B x

PS I have written a few blog posts on inspiring mid-century spaces. This one here is a good place to start.

Above images are from here, here, here and here.

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