Ellen Pompeo's small trailer redesign

May 22, 2022

For actors, when it comes to small spaces, a trailer on set is not super roomy.  However, the trailer is the space where actors spend a lot of down time.

Ellen Pompeo spends hours in her trailer on set of the ongoing popular TV drama, Greys Anatomy.  She made a decision to update her space with the help of designers at My Domain.  Join us as we discover Ellen Pompeo's small trailer redesign and little details that open up the space dramatically. This trailer started as dark and dingy with lots of wood and not a lot of storage.  The space looks very small and claustrophobic as you can see from the before picture here.  Scroll down to see the stunning after...

Ellen Pompeo trailer before

Every inch of this space was thought out, using bright whites to open the space and metallics to add a sense of high-end luxury.

Ellen Pompeo trailer makeover

A carefully placed mirror adds some depth to the space.  The black light fixtures pop against the white walls bringing the space together with a cohesive look.

Ellen Pompeo trailer details 2

Adding a bold green couch and pops of greenery around the trailer bring some outside in which can also create a sense of space in a small area.  

Ellen Pompeo trailer details
Images from here.

If you would like to see more gorgeous trailers and caravans, click here for a blog post I wrote about them. And as always, if you have any interior project you need assistance with, be it big or small, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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