Demi Lovato's Amazing Maximalist Home

November 3, 2022

Singer Demi Lovato’s maximalist home in Los Angeles is a fantastic example of how interior decoration can elevate a standard home into an outlet for a creative vision. She purchased her new home, a beautiful but unremarkable barn house, during lockdown as she wanted more space. She then embarked on a design journey, turning her blank canvas into a maximalist wonderland that reflects her personality with each room different and unique from the rest.

The highlights of the psychedelic home include a rainbow coloured 'Shroom Room', a fun courtyard for her very spoilt dogs and one of the most beautiful powder rooms that this wallpaper lover has seen.

Let’s see inside…

The wow factor of the home commences with the formal living area, where Demi’s maximalist vision comes to life with the abstract wallpaper, bright yellow velvet couch and a House of Hackney Saber tiger rug. The flower wall sconces about the fire place are particularly beautiful and fun.

The dining room has an underwater theme, with fish and seashell artwork, an octopus inspired pendant and ocean colours used in the seating and sideboard. The theme was clearly abandoned though when choosing the rug, as I am unaware of any ocean dwelling leopards! However, it is great that the rules were broken, as this space is gorgeous.

The kitchen would have been beautiful pre-renovation, but the addition of the Gucci lilies wallpaper really makes it pop. It is particularly a successful addition to the breakfast nook. Of particular note are the pendant lights above the island bench, that are handmade from recycled cardboard by a Dutch/US company, Graypants.

The eggplant coloured main living room is much bolder than the kitchen. It includes a number of unique details, such as the squishy tan couch, a bonsai tree coffee table and the stuffed leather pig stool - why not?!

The ‘glam room’ is a real highlight of the home. Fitting for a celebrity of Demi’s stature, it is a place where she can try on outfits and get herself ready for big events. Demi’s favourite piece is the neon sign “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” as it reminds her to stay positive.

If you would like neon artwork in your home, try Australian companies, Neon Poodle or Sketch & Etch, for inspiration.

To put it politely, Demi’s ‘Shroom Room’ is an acquired taste. The purpose of the unconventional room is to help spark creativity for the star. It’s also a place where she can hang with her friends. The oversized fluffy cloud light fixture in the space is interactive whereby it changes colour to coincide with the beat of the music that is playing. Groovy ✌️

Proving that Demi’s house has something for everyone, as an absolute contrast to the ‘Shroom Room’ is this stunning powder room. The House of Hackney wallpaper, that features dragons on clouds, is beautifully complemented by an elegant use of colour and materials in the chocolate timber, glass pendant and stone vanity. Bravo!

The ground floor courtyard has been repurposed into a well thought out area for Demi’s two beloved dogs - Batman and Cinderella. In addition to the faux turf and accessories to play with, the area is secured with netting, so the spoilt pooches can safely play outside without the threat of local hawks and coyotes.

The pool house was converted to a music studio, where Demi recently created her latest album. The studio overlooks the back yard, where Demi’s favourite feature is the pull-down theatre screen so she can watch movies outside from either the sunbed, pool or even the spa. What luxury!

When the renovation was complete, Demi was quoted as saying that she couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. “Home to me is where I can rest easy and where I can stay, even if there’s a quarantine or lockdown, and feel completely fulfilled,” she concludes. “I have no reason to leave, this is exactly everything that I’ve wanted in a house.” An apt description of an interior design success story if I've ever heard one.

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