Statement Wallpaper from Fashion's Big Names

June 7, 2022

Beautiful, Big and Bold Walls

Much like fashion, taste in interior design can vastly range from the understated to the maximalist. When specifying wallpaper for a client, I usually lean towards the subtle end of the scale, with a preference for the textural.  I have a particular fondness for handmade sisal, which can be absolutely gorgeous. However, sometimes I have a client who prefers the maximalist and the project calls for a big statement to be made.

In recent years, fashion houses have turned their creative attention to interior décor, including offering up some breath-taking wallpaper options. Be it geometric shapes, straight lines, or the injection of life with colourful flora and fauna, there are a lot of big, beautiful bold designs. Here are some of my favourites…



“I love your wallpaper”

“Why thank you dahhhhling. Its Gucci”

Is there anything more decadent than Gucci-lined walls? The fashion powerhouse launched its home décor line back in 2017. Items such as chairs, cushions, screens, wallpapers and trays are decorated with the House motifs of animals and colourful floral patterns.

The Heron wallpaper, with its yummy colours and overscale design is a standout. The pink version looks gorgeous in this New York US nursery, as does the green in this Nebraska, USA bathroom.

Photo: Instagram @tamaramageldesign

Photo: Instagram @MaisonMxM


Back when we all had dial up internet, J-Lo broke it with images of her at the Grammy Awards in a chiffon Versace jungle print dress. She wore the dress again, at age 50, in 2020. She said “The second time I wore it and walked out there, it was such an empowering thing. Twenty years had gone by, and I think for women, knowing you can put on a dress 20 years later—it resonated. It was like, 'Yes, you know, life is not over at 20!'"

Perhaps you don’t have J-Lo’s body confidence, but, if you love the pattern, it is stunning as a feature wall, as illustrated below…

Photo: Vogue
Photo: Elle Magazine

Christian Lacroix

“It’s Lacroix, sweetie!”

Christian Lacroix’s style is characterised by a strong sense of colour and pattern mix. The wallpaper features the House’s signature flamboyancy to make the whole wall pop. And that it certainly does.

They even have a wallpaper that features a print of 3D plates 😉

Catherine Martin

Now, although she isn’t a Fashion House, we couldn’t have an article on wallpaper without mentioning one of Australia’s most highly regarded designers. Catherine Martin is the most awarded Australian in Oscar’s history. She has won four academy awards for her costume and set design - two for Moulin Rouge and two for The Great Gatsby. Her latest movie (with husband Baz Luhrmann) is the recently released, Elvis, which I am keen to go see.

Catherine Martin also has some AMAZING wallpapers to her name. The picture below is of her on the cover of the latest Vogue Living with her one of her rugs and wallpaper designs. Ferrari Interiors are big fans of her work, pictured below is a recent favourite project of mine in Brighton featuring both her fabric and wallpaper.

Catherine Martin wallpaper in our Brighton project
For my client's home in Brighton, Catherine Martin's 'La Palma' was selected as the bedhead fabric and wallpaper.

If you would like to emulate any of these styles, or to work with me to create your own big bold statement, please feel free to get in touch (details below).

B x

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