Wish List: Beautiful Bathrooms

May 22, 2022

Revamping your bathroom is a sound investment, which can add countless dollars to the resale value of your home. When designing your bathroom, consider landscape of bath pieces, cabinet situation and your diversity of finishes.

  1. The contemporary bathroom is not just a washroom. It is increasingly becoming a source of ‘emotional multi-sensorial experiences’. Tubs are becoming more sculptural and occupy centre stage in the room.
  2. According to The Housing Industry Association (HIA) Kitchens and Bathrooms Report for 2009/10 there has been a significant increase in semi-frameless shower screens, multiple basins and multiple showerheads compared to previous surveys.
  1. Opt for clever hidden storage solutions such as, cabinet space for toiletries behind mirrors to keep the room clutter free. Utilise open shelving to display beautiful items such as luxe towels, flowers and candles.
  2. A bathroom is a place to unwind. For the ultimate retreat, keep colours simple and pared-back in this space. Create an inviting place to relax by installing a window seat or positioning a comfy chair in the room with cushions. Bring the outdoors in with a soothing nature-integrated bathroom design.
  3. Fill your bathroom with lots of natural light and at the same time maintain privacy with quality fitted shutters.
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