Urban Living and Making the Most of your Space

May 22, 2022

Urban living has many advantages. 1) Closer to work 2) less travel time 3) restaurants, cafes and theatres are at your front door - but it comes at a price. Urban living often means less living space.  Bernie shows how to create the illusion of space in a small living area, along with ways to maximise its functional use.

Urban Living - multi-functional furniture

Multifunctional furniture: To make the most of every square inch of space select multifunctional furniture. For example coffee tables and ottomans can double as storage space. A big part of making the most of your space means getting in the habit of organising your family’s belongings. Storage units are available for everything from closets and pantries to toys and garages. Good storage will not only make it easier to find your things, but it will create more room for you and give your home a cleaner look.

Urban Living - Lighting

Lighting: Avoid table lamps that have large shades. Try to combine accent lights that add sparkle and dazzle to a room, task lights for working at a desk area and ambient lights that direct light toward the ceiling.  Having plenty of natural light also helps to open up a room.

Urban Living - Mirror

Mirror Magic: We took a look at the magic of mirrors in the last issue of Ferrari Living. Using mirrors to expand a room is a popular trick, but it needs to be done correctly in order to work. Make sure that the mirror reflects something with depth, or something decorative such as a painting etc.Flooring: By placing the same quality flooring throughout your apartment and taking it outside onto a balcony or courtyard will help make a space flow. The size of your home can move from limited to limitless with the seamless movement from indoor to outdoor living area.Need assistance with your urban living space? Ferrari Interiors can come onboard to assist with a single room or provide a complete turnkey fit out, from sourcing: homewares, furnishings, blinds, linen and white goods, to delivery, set up and styling. To view Ferrari Interiors’ Apartment Packages please click here or call Bernie on 0417 088 602.

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