Transition into Spring

May 22, 2022

Spring is well and truly upon us and still offers us an opportunity to freshen up our interiors with a few elements that will not only lift spirits but also add warmth to the home.

Think about taking some time to declutter your home and take a second look at both what you already have and what you might like to add to freshen up your space.  Do your furniture and accessories match your style?  What is just collecting dust that in reality has no place in your house?  The key is to consider updating your style simultaneously with each new season and reflect the brightness and colours of the environment outside.

Light Layers

Heavy window treatments such as winter curtains can be replaced with something that allows more light to enter the home.  The effect is almost instantaneous in creating a warmer, inviting space to brighten your day by letting in m

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Add lighter throws to the living room chairs and consider replacing the duvet in your bedroom with cotton or bamboo sheets.  This will still give you the feeling of lots of layers without overheating and still have a purpose in the room.

Glass and Acrylic Accessories

Brighten up your home by adding elegant decor and reflective accessories to bounce the sun throughout.  Glass tables and mirrors are a great addition to any room, giving the illusion of more space, along with opaque vases and homewares.

Wall Accessories

To enhance what is happening outside your door, add colour inside your house through plants, cushions and artwork that really capture your eye.  A tasteful painting can become the focal point of any room and set the tone of surrounding interior.  Making a bold selection will positively impact your space and add a dynamic feel to the space.

Updating an old floor rug can also impact your space and add a new spring to your step.  A textured rug will suit perfectly for a high traffic area such as a kitchen or hallway, whereas something softer and luxurious is better suited to a more intimate space such as a bedroom or lounge.

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