The fairytale-like Keemala Hotel, Thailand

May 22, 2022

Set into the depths of Phuket's Kamala rainforest is a resort like no other: Keemala. Inspired by the stories, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles of four groups of fictitious ancient Phuket settlers, the resort is divided into four different lots of villas, each with their unique design and distinctive guest experiences. They are shaded by a canopy of rainforest, connected by jungle walkways and each have a private pool, but from there, the similarities end.First are the 'Clay Pool Cottages', which reflect the earthiness of the 'Pa-ta-Pea' clan who believed in a strong connection to the earth. They would also incorporate earth into their walls, roofs and furniture, even the beds they slept on were made from soil and clay. Clay can be seen used in the construction of these villas.Next are the 'Tent Pool Villas', taking reference from the 'Khon-Jorn' tribe of wanderers, who excelled in hunting and trading. Their nomadic lifestyle is exhibited in the tent-like structures, which feature stand-alone bathtubs, monsoon showers and outdoor showers.Third are the 'Tree Pool Houses', built to represent the 'We-ha' people who worshipped the universe and chose to live suspended from the trees to be nearer to the sky. The 'We-ha' people built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty. This is reflected in the two stories of these villas, along with the suspended furniture and cocoon like beds and loungers.And finally, there are the 'Bird's Nest Pool Villas', which take their cue from the 'Rung-Nok' community. This group enjoyed an opulent way of life compared to other clans and their craving for exclusivity supposedly resulted in a woven tangle of a bird's nest design, seen on the exteriors of these villas.Regardless of where guests stay, they can enjoy spa treatments, holistic programs and gastronomic experiences... or simply relax in the tranquil surrounds of the rainforest.Take a look...


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