The Essential Guide to Sofas

September 15, 2022

The perfect living room starts with the perfect sofa. Interior designers are perpetually on the hunt for the ideal sofa, the kind of piece that outlives fads in the same way that a classic tailored coat does. There is no other piece of household furniture that you spend countless hours using, so this staple purchase deserves attention. A good sofa is a piece of furniture that extends beyond aesthetics. It goes without saying that it must be an object of beauty, but it also has to work hard. Choose something simple and top quality. But most importantly, make sure it’s comfortable. If it’s not comfy now, it never will be and you’ll be stuck with it. So just how do you go about securing the ideal sofa? With all the above in mind, It’s essential that the sofa reflects your households needs. The first step in defining this is to think about the sofas main function. You don’t want to purchase a beautiful, velvet sofa for your informal lounge where you unwind for the day. On the flipside, you don’t want a cosy, snuggly sofa in a room where you plan to entertain, impress and serve dainty canapés. Be certain what your purchase will serve your desired function and the rest will be a breeze.

Here are our top picks of the best sofas on the market in Australia. From the sofa that you curl upon after work with a blanket, to sofas that impress - we have it covered.

The Statement Sofa This category of sofa commands attention instantly. A true statement sofa is without a doubt the main event in a space, a conversation starter. They also have the duality of being a strong sculptural element.

The Cosy Sofa These sofas work well anywhere. This living-room staple needs to be hard-wearing and gorgeous, like a warm hug. This style of sofa is the setting for your Sunday night, complemented with a cup of tea and a good book. It needs to be versatile and constructed of a fabric that exudes comfort. The Alfie from Molmic is sumptuous and relaxed. With a fixed seat and Molmic Soft Top cushion providing a dome appearance, it provides maximum comfort and recovery with low maintenance in a neutral grey.

The Modular Sofa The Modular sofa can divide a room. When poor quality, they look cheap and can quickly date, but when thoughtfully designed a modular sofa is a fantastic lifelong purchase, suitable for family gatherings and entertaining. Invest in a streamline, modern designer style, which will seamlessly fit in your room. The Costura from Stua is the ideal example of a modular sofa featuring a slim profile with tailored details, Costura comprises a plywood frame fully upholstered in fabric from Stua's house collection. The legs are made of aluminium and can be aligned in two positions - straight or on the diagonal, giving you a true modular design.

The Sun-room Sofa Perfect for a conservatory or sunroom, a day-sofa will make you feel like you on holiday in your own home. The sun-room sofa is no longer a stale 1970s cliche, choose a simple model constructed of natural materials like cane or bamboo. Pair with an indoor palm and laze away in your own personal oasis. The Wilfred Sofa, made and designed in Melbourne by Jardan, is a contemporary design with traditional craftmanship details. An instant classic for your home.

The Family Sofa The family sofa is truly an iconic piece of furniture. It’s somewhere the whole family gathers to spend time together and relax, so it’s worth making sure you buy the one that’s perfect for you and your flock. Think about the wear and tear (and love) it will endure. The choice of fabric for your family sofa is key. You want something hard-wearing and easy to clean, yet beautiful and comfortable. Try a fabric such as Chenille or basket-weave cotton treated with a coating like Aquaclean, which allows stains to easily come off with just water. With its nostalgic box-shaped design, the aptly named, Box Sofa, from Mark Tuckey incorporates an open and inviting profile with soft, puffy cushions to create maximum comfort and style.

The Leather Sofa Leather couches are a classic for good reason. They withstand the test of time and are undeniably durable. They represent a true classic style and there’s nothing quite like the sophistication of a genuine leather set. Although they carry a higher price tag, they are 100% worth the investment, considering the length of time you will be enjoying it. Curved arms and rounded oak legs create and elegant and considered piece capable of adapting to a variety of environments. A high backrest provides generous back support, and the compact design works in space conscious areas.

If the above options aren’t ticking all the boxes for you, chat to us about creating a bespoke creation to fulfil your specific requirements. We can help with more than finding the perfect upholstery fabric, we can help you realise a sofa that you will cherish and last a lifetime using our wonderful trade-only sofa contacts. Get in touch today and we’d love to make your ideas come to life.

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