A Tour of the Hampton Designer Showhouse This 2023

October 17, 2023

Run by Cavallo Building and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens (HC&G), the Hampton Designer Showhouse is finally back! The annual Hampton Designer Showhouse brings together some of the top interior designers in the US to raise funds for charity. 

This year, Hampton Designer Showhouse is happening in an enchanting new home with gorgeous classic yet transitional architecture located in the Southamptons. 

Over 20 designers were asked to fill this 9,000-square-foot home with their design philosophy. With over 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, and several entertainment suites, there’s enough space for everyone to show off their design chops. 

Receiving Area

As soon as you enter the house, you’re greeted by Antonio DeLoatch Designs’ intimate sitting area furnished with purple velvet seats. 

The velvet seats really stand out against the bright white, beige, and blue interiors of the entryway.

Living Room

In Plus Inc. decorated this vibrant living room that overflows with the work of amazing Brazilian artists. In partnership with Heritage Brazil, pieces from Fellicia, Evelyn Tannus, Doimos Brasil, Paolo Alves, Uultis, and Móveis James blended perfectly with The Rug Company’s rainbow palette carpet.

The living room’s hand-painted wallpaper by Porter Teleo and Sylvia Hommert’s artworks gives visitors an eccentric rush that pays homage to Cristiana Mascarenha’s South American heritage.


Gary Ciuffo and Michelle Gerson worked on the kitchen’s interiors.

Ciuffo made the custom contemporary countertop and cabinetry. 

Gerson, on the other hand, accented Ciuffo’s bespoke cabinetry by choosing Studio Van den Akker pendant lights with a bright blue finish. Shearling and leather stools from Thomas Hayes Studio were also used to create a chic ambiance for the kitchen.


Dining Nook

Michelle Gerson Interiors took charge of designing the dining nook. 

The dining nook gives off an airy and tranquil feel thanks to the metal hardware and blown glass that decorates the Gabriel Scott and Michelle Gerson chandelier. The gorgeous chandelier is located above an Aronson Woodworks table and Artistic Frame Company chairs.

Dining Room

My favourite room in the Hampton Designer Showhouse is the dining room. Elissa Grayer Interior Design makes guests feel like they’re in a lush garden by using Frontmental’s Ogata silk wallpaper for the dining room. Furnished with a wooden table and crystal chairs embedded with leaves, you’ll feel like you’re in Alice’s Wonderland.

Primary Bedroom

Sea Green Designs uses as many sustainable pieces as possible to furnish the primary bedroom. Using Chandler Decorative Arts’ limewashed painted walls, Chaddock’s caned bed, and Mark Alexander’s vegetable-dyed floral fabrics, the room feels like you’re relaxing nature.

Primary Bath

Susanne Kelley Design channels old Hollywood for the primary bath by using gold and white to make this room shine. 

A Fusion of Spaces

The annual Hampton Designer Showhouse is an inspiration for homeowners and designers, just like me. It shows that each room can have its own personality and still fit perfectly under one roof. 

If you want to have a home as beautiful as this, feel free to reach out to me, and let’s work together to make it happen.

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