Taylor Swift’s Homes Are Straight Out of Our Wildest Dreams

January 7, 2024

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has been in the music industry for decades, which has allowed her to invest in several real estate properties around the United States. Throughout Swift’s journey in the music industry, she’s had her pick of homes.

For each home that Swift invests in, she puts in a lot of time to design the interiors to fit her style, making sure that each home has a touch of her personality and taste - a mix of modern and vintage, resulting in a cosy environment that feels just like home.

Let’s go through some of Taylor Swift’s homes and see how she transformed them into her sanctuary.

Nashville Penthouse

One of Swift’s first real estate purchases is her penthouse in The Adelecia complex in Nashville, her hometown. 

The 3,240-square-foot condo has an open-concept layout that Taylor has designed according to her “whimsically girlie” vision. The combination of patterns and colours makes it look straight out of a storybook, while also giving the space a unique personality.

Greek Revival Mansion in Nashville

While Swift has let go of this property already, it still deserves a special mention. This sprawling 5,600-square-foot Nashville mansion comes with a 2,000-square-foot guest house. 

This gorgeous home was built by Ed Scruggs and each room is built with the utmost care. This is easily seen by the meticulous details that each room has from the crown moulding to the wooden floors and marble tiles.

Watch Hill Estate on Rhode Island

This home has been the venue for many of Swift’s iconic parties. The 12,000-square-foot beach home features gorgeous views of the ocean from its site on the highest point of Rhode Island. 

The property also opens up to 700 feet of the shoreline that’s private enough to host the list of celebrities Swift invites over during her epic Fourth of July parties. 

Tribeca Townhouses in NYC

Of course, no Taylor Swift real estate home list is complete without mentioning her gorgeous apartment in New York. Swift purchased two penthouse units and has continued expanding her sprawling home by purchasing adjacent units. 

When Swift combined the townhouses, Leopoldo Rosati took point for this project. Since then the Tribeca townhouse has gotten new additions such as a spa and a gym.

Cornelia Street Apartment in New York

When Swift’s Tribeca townhouses were undergoing renovations, Swift was forced to lease a home in Greenwich Village, which inspired her hit song Cornelia Street.

The gorgeous Cornelia Street apartment has high ceilings and was tastefully designed for maximum comfort.

Let’s also not forget to mention the indoor swimming pool that graces this apartment. Complete with a chandelier because why not?

I hope you liked going through Taylor Swift’s dreamy real estate portfolio with me. I absolutely loved learning how this award-winning singer puts in the time to design her properties to mirror her personality and style.

If you feel like you also want to redesign your space to better represent your personality, feel free to reach out to me

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