Taking Hosting to the Next Level: In-Home Bars

May 6, 2024

Whether you're crafting timeless classics like the Tom Collins or experimenting with new cocktail concoctions for your guests, having a bar that serves as the ultimate setting is essential. Hosting friends and family in the comfort of your own home is a special luxury, but without an exquisite in-home bar to complement the ambiance, even the most curated playlist may fall short in setting the desired mood.

In this article, I'll guide you through transforming your rolling bar carts and elevating your bar into a stunning centerpiece. And if you're concerned about your mixology skills, fear not – a magnificent in-home bar can serve as the perfect motivation to hone your cocktail crafting talents.

Use Your Room’s Features

This in-home bar is from a Texas home. The nautical feel of this bar can be summed up to its porthole door, but even then the furniture and overall feel still make it look straight out of an art deco catalogue. 

The gold metallic accents on the shelving contrast so well with the blue cabinets and walls, adding life to the room. Let’s not forget the marble countertop that also adds another layer of luxury to the space.

Make a Speakeasy at Home

This in-home bar is taking blues to a whole new level. The prohibition period may be long gone, but emulating the style and feel from this era can definitely turn your space into something special. Take this home speakeasy for example.

This space makes use of different textures to add depth and luxury to the room. The different tones from the brass, wood, and leather work so well together and it creates a cohesive space that’s absolutely elegant and timeless. The lighting fixtures are also showstoppers themselves but in this room? It’s the glue that connects everything together.

Maximising Your Wall Space

If you think a certain room has too much wall and not enough stuff, then get inspired by this home that has a carved-in bar.

This bar is perfect for this entertainment area, the gold backsplash of this space makes the room less dark, but it also functions as a focal point for this room. 

Make It Look Like Something Else

If you’re looking to make your house more whimsical, then this bookshelf-inspired bar may be up your alley.

The cool blues, rich browns, and gold accents of this in-home bar setup are perfect for any Regency-era movie. The best part? This in-home bar looks sophisticated enough for any study or home office.

Make It a Room Divider

I love multipurpose objects, which is exactly what this in-home bar is doing. This in-home bar doesn’t just exist to serve your family and friends, but it also functions as a room divider.

The narrow brass shelving unit makes for the perfect room divider without looking too stuffy. The shelving unit matching the kitchen’s accent also presents a visually cohesive space - even if they have completely different functions. 

Ready to transform your space into the perfect entertaining zone? I can help you design a custom in-home bar that reflects your taste and fits seamlessly into your existing decor. Contact me today to discuss your vision, and let’s get started on designing your dream in-home bar! 

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