Shopping for interior accessories: What to look for and how to do it

May 22, 2022

Finding the right accents to accessorise your interior can be a tiresome task. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options available to you and difficult to even know where to begin. This guide will give you clarity in finding the right pieces that define your interior style. Before you start shopping for accessories, it’s important to have focus. An accessory is anything that adds visual value to a space, which, I understand is quite a broad definition. An accessory could be an object that holds a strong personal story, or a beautiful piece of furniture that serves a functional purpose. With this in mind, here are some core examples of accessories throughout the home:

  • Mirrors
  • Wall art
  • Feature pillows and throws
  • Rugs
  • Ceramics and lamps
  • Books and candles
  • Sculptures and ornaments

Keep items like these in mind as a basic foundation while putting together a list for your next shopping session. Feel free to add and build upon it, adding items that are special to you along the way.


Step 1, Pick a statement piece

One core rule when choosing your first element is that every room needs a statement piece. This one key item instantly draws attention, setting the tone for all other accessories that you build around it.Your statement piece will be the focus of the room, so carefully think about where it will be positioned. It needs to stand out and clearly be the highlight of the room and not clash with anything else. Large-scale wall art pieces are always a reliable choice for statement accessories, but also explore the potential of decorative mirrors, found objects or even large feature lighting elements.


Step 2, The Colour Palette

Once your statement piece is secured, it's time to build the rest of your colour scheme around it. While you’re shopping, look for elements that complement the statement piece. There are two tiers to this; either go for accessories that bring a secondary bold accent, or more harmonious pieces that align with your more dominant neutral shades.


Step 3, Vary the scale

A colour palette is not the only element that can add flair to a room. With accessories, you can make a dramatic impact by playing with two oft-forgotten details - size and shape. This tip can be used to almost all items on the accessory list. Rugs are the only exception, as they should always be proportionally fitting to a room to avoid overwhelming the space. But toy with other elements. Pair large and small square cushions with rectangular pillows. Layer small frames with larger ones on a mantle. Stack your coffee table books to create a unique sculptural element. Focus these groupings to look purposely designed, it will without a doubt add an extra layer of interest to the room.Think about these three simple steps next time you are shopping for accessories to help focus your mind on purchasing items that will elevate your design while retaining a cohesive quality.Still feeling lost? Get in touch and we will guide you in the right direction to accessorise your space to perfection.

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