The power of styling with neutrals and naturals

May 22, 2022

There is a style that never goes out of fashion. A look that is always classic, no matter what season or year. A colour palette that goes with everything and clashes with nothing. Can you think what it is? It is, of course, the neutral tones. Decorating using paints, fabrics and furnishings in these shades create a sense of warmth, space and light. But even better is pairing these whites, creams, browns and greys with materials naturally made in these tones. Natural fibres and textiles can help a room feel extremely organic.Try introducing soft creams or greys into your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and add a statement piece -  lights, tables and chairs in wood, wicker and stone. It's also a perfect look for nurseries or children's rooms, ensuring a calming, nurturing energy compared to stimulating bright colours. But there is a risk that these rooms can look bland. So what it the trick?Designer / entrepreneur / author and educator, Kelly Hoppen, has built a career on styling rooms. Neutral palettes, beautiful textures and an 'East Meets West' aesthetic are all parts of her signature look. Kelly says taupe is one of her favourite colours to use."It is the perfect neutral, neither being too warm, nor too cool. It is beautifully balanced, peaceful and calm. Due to the many available shades of taupe, it can be accessorised with subtle combinations of other colours and texture."So take a risk and use a combination of shades and textures and remember to have fun. Hanging chairs, feature wood panelling all assist in making a room feel homely and unique. There really are endless ways to create natural, neutral spaces, with only your imagination holding you back. Take a look below at some of our favourite natural and neutral rooms...


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Photos above from Ferrari Interiors on Pinterest.

Photos below from Kelly Hoppen.

Kelly Hoppen interiors

Kelly Hoppen interiors

Kelly Hoppen interiors

Kelly Hoppen interiors

Kelly Hoppen interiors

Kelly Hoppen interiors

Kelly Hoppen interiors

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