Our five key style predictions for 2018

May 22, 2022

We'd like to preface this piece by sharing what we always say to our clients:

Go with what you love, rather than focussing on trends.

However, we do see trends in the design industry as inspirations that can be interpreted and edited for use in our own homes, if we so desire.Explore the five key style predications we're making for the year ahead, all centered around warmth, detail and a sense of the finer times.


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1. Curved linesJust like we see in this month's Celebrity Insider feature of Serena William's home, curved and soft lines are being favoured at the moment in the design world. Think plush chairs with rounded arms, circular lighting options and curved mirrors and coffee tables.


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2. Wallpaper as artWe are pleased to see wallpaper on the 'hot list' because it really does add sophisticated glamour and personality to a space. Wallpaper is now being introduced as an art piece or mural, spanning walls or entire rooms.


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3. VelvetIn a similar vein to curved lines, velvet is making a return into homes and commercial spaces as consumers seek more softness and comfort.2018 will be all about tactile furniture and surface finishes, and as trend forecaster Allyson Rees told Interior Design:"Everyone around the world is looking for extra comfort and reassurance. The home as a safe haven in a world that is so politically and ecologically turbulent."Easy ways to bring velvet into your home is with a beautiful velvet armchair or plush footstool as seen in our cover image.


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4. Darker woods and warmer hues, particularly terracottaBlonde timbers, particularly through the modern interpretation of Danish design, have been a feature in interiors for a long time.However, the more traditional timbers, like rosewood, mango wood and walnut are on the return. These darker grains are also being coupled with beige or equally dark timber cabinetry, rather than white, that has dominated in recent times.Terracotta continues to rise in popularity: used in its physical sense with tiles, along with terracotta as a decorative accent particularly with painted walls.

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Image above from here.

5. MaximalismWe have all heard of minimalist interiors, but 2018 is the year that more really is more.Think LaDoubleJ's tabletop collection, featuring contrasting prints and patterns, and you'll get a sense of this year's extravagant interiors trend.This is a move away from the Scandinavian-inspired interiors aesthetic, that has taken centre stage in recent years and a backlash against 'cookie cutter' interiors.It's refreshing to see colour, pattern and personality back.If you would like to discuss your project and how we can introduce what you love to your space, get in touch.Cover image: Ferm Living.

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