My Favourite Australian Celebrity Homes of 2024

April 16, 2024

Australia’s celebrities have a knack for finding (or creating) some of the most stunning homes in the country. From coastal havens to sprawling estates, their living spaces are often as captivating as their careers. Let’s take a peek behind the meticulously manicured hedges as we explore some of my favourite Australian celebrity homes of 2024. 

Whether you're an architecture buff, a design enthusiast, or simply nosy (no judgement!), this post is for you. 

Lleyton Hewitt

Lleyton Hewitt is an Australian tennis legend and was formerly the world’s number one. Although Lleyton didn’t get to where he was without working hard, you can see that all his work paid off in this home.

Lleyton and his wife, Bec, purchased a home in Gold Coast. The Palms is their personal haven in Queensland.

The home looks like an oasis with its masonry, greenery, and light timber. The sunken fireplace and glass-edged pool also make it a delight to entertain guests. 

The neutral living room also looks completely cozy with the vast greenery that’s located all around the home.

Julie Manfredi-Hughes and Izzi Manfredi

As a former restaurateur turned designer, Julie Manfredi-Hughes made sure that the kitchen in her Sydney home can keep up with her and her daughter, Izzi.

You can see influences from Julie’s past life as a restaurateur in her kitchen. Steel meets powder blue cabinetry that makes for a sleek kitchen that looks straight out of a dollhouse.

Of course, Julie’s experience in the restaurant industry has also given her the idea to incorporate organic materials in her kitchen to make it homey. This is probably why she added the wooden table and the rattan seats.

Julie and Izzi’s home looks both cool and cozy with the contrast of colors that play on every inch of their home.

Tom Hawkins

Tom Hawkins has given up the comforts of the big city and moved to a 62-hectare land where his family’s rural farmhouse sits.

The home embraces the rural lifestyle by embracing earth tones, wooden floors, and decor made with organic materials.


In the kitchen, you can see the contrast between the smooth, cool feel of metal and the rustic vibes of the hardwood flooring. This type of fusion is modern yet timeless and is a well-executed industrial-rural mix that makes for a truly special home. 

Feeling inspired but unsure where to begin? Don't be afraid to borrow elements you love and translate them into your own space. Feel free to reach out and let's explore how we can bring a touch of celebrity style to your home!

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