What to Watch Out for in Milan Design Week 2024

April 16, 2024

One of my favourite times of the year is finally upon us. Every year I’m at the edge of my seat eager to see what Milan Design Week has to offer. 

This year, Milan Design Week is happening from the 15th to the 21st of April. During Milan Design Week, the city becomes a hub where the most innovative, creative, and inspirational designers congregate to show off their pieces. The focus for this year’s design week is on young talent, circularity, and inclusivity.

I’m excited to see what Milan Design Week is offering this year. Here are some of the exhibitions I’m keeping a close eye on:


In 1974, EuroCucina made its first appearance and has been making history ever since. EuroCucina is known for dictating the newest trends in kitchens across the globe. This year, the organisers of this event are focusing on environmental, economic, and social responsibility. 

Every year, over a hundred exhibitors are tapped to curate a display of their products to showcase to help reimagine people’s habits in the kitchen. 

One of the brands displaying this year is Vipp, a Danish kitchen and furniture brand. The photo above shows off their self-supporting modules in anodised aluminium.

FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) is also gearing up to showcase its newest innovations from built-in technology to cooker hoods. All of this is to show visitors that cooking is an art form and that the environment where it's done should reflect it.  

Leading Italian brands like Barazza and La Cornue should also be making an appearance in EuroCucina.

Group Exhibition Space

Joseph Grima and Valentina Cluffi take point in curating Alcova or the group exhibition space this year. The scenes will be set in two locations this 2024: Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti.

No matter the villa you find yourself in, you’ll be enchanted to find the future of design within the most historically significant settings.

One of the exhibits I’m most excited about is the Objects of Common Interest x Bitossi display. This is one of the most anticipated collaborations for Milan Design Week 2024 and I’m going to be taking notes to see how Atelier de Troupe will be executing a modernist approach to its 1920s French ocean liner inspiration.

Another work that will be making its appearance is Calico Wallpaper’s new collection in collaboration with interior stylist, Colin King.

Flagship Showrooms

In the Flagship Showroom, Capellini will be showcasing its  brand new collection at the heart of the Durini Design District. One of the brands I’m going to keep a close eye on is Giorgetti.

Pictured above is Giorgetti’s new HIKARI sideboard. This collection will surely add a touch of elegance and depth to any room that it’s added to. Giorgetti has designed these sideboards to offer a sensory experience for viewers.

Another duo to keep tabs on is Motta Architecture and Spotti as they open the doors to Via Borgazzi. These powerhouses will be taking the hospitality world by storm with their blend of light fabrics and tactic materials. Their goal? To add a contemporary twist to classic pieces.

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