Lisbon’s, Java Bar

May 22, 2022

Located in Lisbon, Portugal the Java bar is a roof top terrace bar / bistro which maximises views of the capitals harbourside whilst serving seasonal ingredients to its guests. Designed by Studio PIM the attention to detail, materials and layout creates a harmonious space that makes an unforgettable experience for its diners.

The exterior mimics the surrounding views of Lisbon with earthy terracotta tiles and creamy white walls. Whilst the interior contrasts with velvety seating, arched doorways, and curved lines.

Additionally, the interior incorporates rich woods that provide warmth, complementing the greenery and cacti that line the space. Curves are seen throughout the tiled flooring, seating, tables, doors, and lighting which visually soften the interior.

Vibrant blues are continued onto the terrace creating a cohesive and unified seating area accompanying the waterfront. Java successfully provides an atmosphere that lives up to its breathtaking location and scenery

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