Inside Prada’s first ever pastry shop

May 22, 2022

When a premium fashion brand crosses into the patisserie field, the results are bound to be somewhat delectable. Prada's first ever pastry shop does not disappoint. Prada recently became a major shareholder of Milan's historic and iconic Pasticceria Marchesi patisserie store and in September this year, the 'Prada-ized' cafe reopened its doors.Positioned in the heart of Milan, the shop was founded almost 200 years ago by a family.Prada worked with this family to keep the essence of their brand whilst bringing a decidedly boutique and premium aesthetic to the store.Architect Roberto Baciocchi modernised the shop front, while inside the store is custom-made Rosenthal china, silver cutlery and - fittingly - a pistachio tone across the decor.Take a look...

main original
main original3
main original4

Photos by Pasticceria Marchesi.

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