Inside Goop's new retail space - inspired by a country home

May 22, 2022

Walking into goopLAB, you might be mistaken for thinking you accidentally walked into someone's home. But there's no embarrassment to be had.

The interior of the first permanent store for Gwyneth Paltrow's behemoth online blog and shopping hub, goop, takes inspiration from her own homes.

Designed by New York studio Roman and Williams (who worked with Gwyneth on the interiors of her own residences), the Los Angeles store guides shoppers through all the rooms you'd expect in a 'real' home.

First is the greenhouse, full of products from Goop's gardening range, displayed on vintage French metal shelves. From there, you'll enter the fully functioning kitchen - which will be the cooking hub for demos and events.  You'll also find the pink-tiled bathroom, with a 360-degree vanity stocked full of Goop's very own beauty products, which you're not only allowed to try, but encouraged to do so.

Next up is the living room - full of vintage finds and custom made items, including the chandelier cast from actual tree branches. However, what is sure to be a star attraction in this new store, is the Christian Louboutin limited-edition capsule shoe collection, created in collaboration with Goop.

It's clear that goopLAB is leveraging the trend of retail stores being more than just a place to shop, and instead an experience in and of themselves. There's no doubt Goop fans will feel right at home.




20170913_GoopLab0197 (1)




Images: Jessica Sample for goop

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