How interior design has changed since COVID-19

May 22, 2022

Since March, COVID-19 has changed the way we think and live.  It has definitely impacted how people work and spend, but it has also impacted our home interiors.  People have been spending lots of time at home, and it is clear that our homes need to be multi-use spaces.  We will take a look at how interior design has changed since COVID-19.

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It is likely that during the pandemic, you or someone you know has at some point had to work from home.  Creating a space in your home for work, no matter how small, is important.  Flexible work arrangements could be around to stay, so having a designated work space can make your work/life balance a little clearer.  It will also stop your work from spilling onto the kitchen table.  Image from here.

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Cozy nooks and secret gardens are great escapes, and we all know we need a little escape from the daily grind in 2020.  Create a good indoor - outdoor flow with large open windows and bi-fold doors that flow to a patio full of greenery.  Image from here.

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The return of the mudroom.  Mudrooms are quite common in a lot of North American houses.  After the thick of this pandemic, it wouldn't be a surprise for mudrooms to pop up in Australian homes as well.  It is a good way to dump all those items that may have come into contact with outside germs like your facemask and shoes.  This area of the house can be sleek and sophisticated when designed well.  Image from here.

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It is predicted that at home entertaining will become more popular following the COVID-19 pandemic.  Though restaurants and venues will slowly come back to life, family will stay the focus and entertaining at home will continue to be the norm.  Having a space to do so will become more important in the home.  Image from here.

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Bringing nature in will create a calm space with a spa like feel.  You can incorporate plants, flowers, and even clippings from trees (eucalyptus is great for aesthetic and scent).  Another great way to incorporate greenery is by planting vines and plants outside of big windows.  Image from here.

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 10.20.13 pm

Minimalism has been around for decades, but it will has made a resurgence since the start of COVID-19.  With people spending more time at home a cluttered home can feel smaller.  People are realising they can live with less, and clean lines and less stuff will lift the weight when things start to feel too crowded.  Image from here.Time will tell how this pandemic has changed not only interior design, but home design as well.  If you are looking for a change, contact me here to discuss how I can help and read our previous blog on how previous epidemics have impacted home design.

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