Five Ways to freshen your house for spring

May 22, 2022

This winter in Australia has been long and lonely for many with different forms of lockdown since March.  We have all spent a little extra time at home, forcing us to look at our homes in a little more detail than usual.  The weather is warming up and our homes are likely in need of a little refresh.  I have come up with five ways to freshen your house for spring.

Spring 1_vogue

Brighten It Up.  Clean bright tones will instantly freshen your home.  You can brighten things up with a fresh coat of white paint on your walls or even painting furniture.  If you want a smaller, less permanent change, try some crisp white cushions for your couch for an instant refresh or swap around the accessories for a brighter look. Image from here.

Spring 2_style

Bring the Outside In.  We already spend more time indoors through the colder months, but with the COVID lockdowns, we have spent more time inside than ever before.  Your home will instantly feel fresh and clean with some plants and natural materials.  Incorporate wooden tables, woven baskets, and green plants into your space. Image from here.

Spring 3_style

Swap Your Heavy Rugs and Throws.  Changing your rug can instantly change your room.  Jute rugs are a great staple and bring an element of easy going elegance to your space.  The neutral colour opens up an otherwise small space.  Image from here.

Spring 5_style

Lighten Your Linens.  Put away your heavy winter woolies and invest in a nice textured white or neutral tone quilt to throw over your bed.  Crisp white linens will instantly freshen your bedroom and can go with any colour theme already in use.  Image from here.

Spring 4_style

Plants and Flowers.  Spring is the perfect time to fill your space with fresh blooms.  Flowers are a great way to add pops of colour and fresh scents that are sure to brighten and refresh any space.  A vase of flowers allows you to add different colours to each room without the commitment of paint or investment of new furniture.  Image from here.If you are looking to sell your home this spring, check out my previous post on five simple tips to get your property sale ready for spring.   Details on my refresh service, and other services available can be found here.

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