Five Tips on Creating a Cosy Home for Winter

June 7, 2022

With the cold weather reintroducing itself to Melbourne, now is the time to freshen up your home to make the most of the indoor weather.

Using pics from my own projects, I’ve put together five (hopefully easy) tips so that you can be inspired to add some warmth to your own home in the chilly winter months.


1.  Lighting

Lighting is an important key in setting the tone for your winter home. The shorter days equate to a lack of natural light, but this provides an opportunity to create atmosphere with different kinds of lighting.


Accent lighting stars in the dim winter months, as its primary purpose is to create ambience. Interior designers use accent lighting as the finishing touch that can give a room a layered, moody, and romantic effect.


A few tricks to achieving cosiness with lighting:


-         Firstly, change over your bulbs to ones with warmer tones to give a warmer overall cast to a room. (Just make sure whichever bulbs you’re getting are energy efficient so you’re being kind to the planet, too!)


-         When relaxing, ignore the overhead lights and switch on some lamps instead. Floor or table lamps nestled close to the sofa, tall buffet lamps, or candelabras on a side table are flattering and elegant.


-         Consider some lighter lamp shades. The right lamp shade can make all the difference between a home that feels cave-like in the winter and one that feels cosy and welcoming. For example, paper or linen lamp shades diffuse light better, making it easier on the eyes.


-         If you are not lucky enough to have a wood fireplace, candles are the next best thing. A simple grouping of candles on a coffee or buffet table adds beautiful light and ambience to a room.

2.  Adding Layers and Layers of Cosy Texture

This next tip is all about feeling cosy — literally! Incorporating warm, rich textures and having a blanket in easy reach is key to creating that Hygge feel in your home.


Knitted woollen throw rugs, velvet cushions and fur are the staple elements of winter texture.  I also love the natural warmth and texture of sheepskin. It is particularly effective layered on the foot of abed or draped over an armchair, as it instantly transforms a simple room into a relaxing haven.


You could also consider investing in a fluffy pet as they can add a lovely texture to a room and can also be good to snuggle 😉

3.  Warm Colours

The colour palette of your home has a strong effect in different seasons. In summer, a palette of warm whites and neutrals paired with pops of vibrant colours can reflect the weather of the time. As winter approaches, it's time to embrace deeper jewel tones and warming hues – they evoke a sophisticated mood but can feel too rich when the weather is hot.

Warm colours range from yellow and red and everything in between — including mixed, earthy tones like browns. The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to redecorate your entire home to give it a winter makeover, just adding some pops of warmer colours with accessories like bowls, pillows, rugs and vases can work wonders for your space.

4.  Bring Nature Indoors

Just because it is wet and cold outside doesn't mean your house has to look drab inside, too.

Bringing touches of the outdoors inside, will add instant warmth to your home. Indoor plants literally bring life to your interior and have the added benefit of purifying the air and bringing a sunny disposition to the dreariest of corners.

If you are not gifted with a green thumb, succulents are the easiest indoor plants to care for as they are very forgiving. Or, you can always treat yourself with a lovely bunch of flowers.



5.  Set the Mood with Accessories and Scents

Décor isn't just about the things you see – it's also about the things you smell and hear. So, to complete the cosy experience, involve all the senses. Light some scented candles, dim the lights, put on some mellow tunes and crack open that bottle of wine!

Science has proven that smell can have a powerful impact on our mood. Scent affects mood and emotion. In fact, my google research tells me that there is a 40% increase in a positive mood after being exposed to a pleasant scent.

Candles, diffusers and room sprays can be used in creating an inviting scent in a room. Spices like vanilla and cinnamon, soothing lavender and woody aromas are always great choices to keep the space feeling cosy and warm.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to embrace some winter decorating. If so, I would love to see some before and after photos. Please email them through or tag me on social media.

B x  

All images: Ferrari Interiors

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