Five simple ways to make your room look more luxurious

May 22, 2022

Decorating is an expensive process which adds up quickly. Flicking through luxury interior magazines and blogs it feels like you need an endless budget to achieve luxe styling. Luckily with a little thoughtful design, this needn't be the case. Read on for a few of our favourite ways to make the room of choice look more luxurious.

Hang Large-Scale Art

Create a clear focal point by hanging oversized art. Large-scale art has a way of giving an interior a designer finish with minimal effort. The look is high-impact, chic and incredibly easy to achieve. Keep a lookout for pieces at second-hand boutique shops, where you can find art for reasonable prices.


Incorporate a Sculptural Item

Add some edge to your room by introducing elements with an interesting shape or silhouette to contrast with rounded furnishings. A side chair with a sculptural feel will double as a piece of art in your living room (a particularly good tip for smaller spaces), adding an unexpected and artistic component to your design.


Roll Out a Rug

Adding a rug can be the finishing touch in pulling all the elements of a room together. A rug creates a visual foundation while adding instant sophistication. It doesn't have to be a decorative piece to make an impact. Think interesting textures in place of a bold pattern for a more understated approach.


Dress Your Windows

Your home may not be filled with high ceilings and vast windows like some luxury homes, but you can still give off an air of spaciousness. By hanging your drapery up high and close to the ceiling, you can create a very effective optical illusion, leading the eyes upward and making your room appear taller than it actually is.


Pare Down Your Possessions

Pare back accessories on tabletops and bookshelves across your home to create less visual noise. A cluttered space looks unsophisticated, whereas an interior that's thoughtfully curated will appear much more chic - all for no cost. You don't have to part with your belongings, put them in storage and rotate items for year-long variety.


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