Five Good reasons to Hire an Interior Designer for Your Renovation

September 8, 2022

I am here today to confirm that Interior Designers are more than just a professional cushion fluffers. In fact, when it comes to renovations, Interior Designers are an indispensable resource.

In addition to beautifying your space, we can help with the practical side of the renovation, from managing trades, setting budgets and project management. This is all in addition to the more ‘typical’ interiors roles of designing custom cabinetry and selecting furnishings, fixtures and fittings.

Here are 5 good reasons how interior designers (including me!) can benefit your major or minor renovation project

1. You Will Save Money

Designers ensure you get the best value for the home improvement dollars you spend and will help you understand where the money is going.  Although you will be paying a designer’s fee, an Interior Designer will ensure proper budgeting and planning for your project. You will also be hiring an expert with many years of experience so costly mistakes can be avoided by reducing unnecessary spending and most importantly, help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home.

Image: Ferrari Interiors Toorak Apartment

2. You Can Have Access to Trusted Home Improvement Professionals and Suppliers

Locating a trusted professional is time consuming. When you hire an Interior Designer, you have access to their little black book. In my nearly 20 years working in the Melbourne design industry, I have worked with some fantastic tradies. If required, I can also work with trades of your behalf to project manage your renovation. Most Interior Designers also have excellent relationships with suppliers and access to showrooms that are closed to the public, so we can source furniture and accessories that are not easily found elsewhere. This will elevate your property to have it looking its best.

Image: Ferrari Interiors Malvern East French Provincial Home

 3. Increase the value of your home

An Interior Designer understands the various aspects of your renovation that can influence property value. A designer will guide you to the materials and finishes that will both stand the test of time and will appeal to a variety of buyers. Designers know where money is best spent and where to pull back on the spending so that savings can be made. The end result will be a visually pleasing home with a timeless design. This will increase the value of your home by appealing to a larger number of potential buyers.

Image: Ferrari Interiors Carnegie Townhouse


4. Allows You to Enjoy the Home Improvement Process

Building or renovating can be stressful. There are a lot of important decisions to be made to ensure a successful outcome. Essentially, it’s an Interior Designer’s job to make your life easy. For example, when you use a designer, you don’t need to run around town searching for the perfect bathroom fixture – leave that up to us. And you can rest assured that a designer has consider everything in the planning stage - from traffic flow, surface finishes, along with the purpose, efficiency, comfort and aesthetic of each of your rooms.

Image: Ferrari Interiors Carnegie Townhouse



5. Professional, Qualified Expertise

When you use an Interior Designer, your home will have the ‘wow’ factor. Professional designers spend considerable time to gain their skills, and they have a trained eye to see the ‘big picture’ in a renovation. They can envision a project and understand how to bring it to fruition. From the selection of materials and hardware, along with factors that are sometimes overlooked, such as exactly where power points should be located and how the lighting plan will fit in with the furniture layout.

Image: Ferrari Interiors Abbotsford Apartment

 At Ferrari Interiors, we are skilled at all phases of a project. From the early stages of identifying a client’s needs and desires, developing a budget, fleshing out a workable design, and delivery and installation.  Ferrari Interiors’ mission is to design living spaces that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle, rewarding you with both physical comfort and visual pleasure.

Now excuse me, I must be going as I can see some cushions that are in urgent need of fluffing.

B x


All images: Ferrari Interiors Projects

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