Create a staycation at home

May 22, 2022

The holiday season is upon us and this is normally the time that we are starting to plan or pack for our holiday adventures.  With international boarders closed and some state boarders still closed or quite restricted, it is time to ditch your travel plans and create a staycation at home.  Let's take a peak at some beautiful inspiration for ways to transform your home into a holiday oasis.

Homes to love

Create an outdoor living space with lots of seating to ensure you can entertain close friends and family all summer long.  A styled outdoor area can make your house feel much bigger than it is.  Image from here.

Homes to love 2

Turn your bathroom into a spa.  If there is one space in your house to invest in, the bathroom is it.  Textured tiles and cool tones can make your bathroom feel like an expensive spa.  Adding small touches, like a hanging plant, and a spot to group a candle, soap, and vase will automatically create a spa like feel.  Image from here.


Invest in some lounges.  Lounges create a resort vibe without a big price tag.  You can place a lounge just about anywhere, a porch, next to a pool or garden patio.  A striped umbrella is the perfect accessory to make you forget you are at home, and give immediate holiday vibes.  Image from here.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 9.56.32 pm

Bring happy hour home.  An elegant bar cart, a tray for bottles, decanters, and a set of fancy glasses is all you need to create happy hour at home.  You may not be able to relax at your favourite beachside bar, but you can bring the bar home to you.  Image from here.

Vogue Living

A small outdoor space can deliver a big impact with an abundance of flowers and a good outdoor rug.  Flowering vines are great outdoors to add colour, and a rug can warm up the space.  This would be a beautiful space to have a staycation at home.  Image from here.

Homes to love 3

Dining alfresco is easy when you have a fabulous outdoor setting.  Create a comfortable and inviting space with bold lighting, and quality furniture.  Being outside amongst nature and in the fresh air will instantly brighten your mood.  Image from here.

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