Celebrity Insider: The late Karl Lagerfeld

May 22, 2022

Karl Lagerfeld was best known as the creative director of Chanel. He sadly passed away this year at the age of 85, leaving quite the legacy in the design world. He created iconic, show stopping runway sets, so it is no surprise that his living spaces also reflected his iconic style.We take a look at the contrast in his designs both on the runway and in his home furnishings.As stated in Vogue, interior designer Andrée Putman collaborated with Lagerfeld to design the interiors of his Monte Carlo and Rome homes. Putman stated, “Each of Karl’s apartments is a perfect and closed universe, but a sincere one.”His home designs were varied, going from traditional 18th century to Art Deco. His runway sets were also varied, from spacestations and real forests, to supermarkets and Parisian avenues.Lagerfeld told Vogue of his Art Deco set piece apartment in Paris, “It’s more an atmosphere than anything—it is poesie, a dream.”As stated in Vogue, 'Change was the constant in Lagerfeld’s life; it’s no wonder he chose fashion as his milieu. “I don’t want to become attached,” he told Joan Juliet Buck, “and I detach myself when it is time.”'Scroll down to take a look at his ever changing and evolving style from home to runway...

Lagerfeld home Paris
Lagerfeld runway Chanel A:W 2017
Lagerfeld runway Chanel A:W 2018
Lagerfeld runway Chanel S:S 2015
Lagerfeld runway Chanel A:W 2014
Lagerfeld home Monte Carlo

Images by Vogue and Wallpaper.com

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