Celebrity insider: Kate Moss's interior design debut

May 22, 2022

She's arguably the world's most famous supermodel, with a career spanning more than two decades.However Kate Moss has only recently turned her hand to interior design, completing the interior of a £2.5 million home in England's Cotswolds district.The 41-year-old worked with architecture and design company Yoo to design 'The Barnhouse' - one of serveral Yoo holiday homes on a 263-hectare estate.The Barnhouse is tucked away on a one-acre plot of silver birch woodland, creating a sense of privacy and wilderness. In fact, it's these trees that inspired the home's silver carpets, with Moss determined to have a sense of the natural surrounds inside the house itself.Also a play on the woodlands is the 'jungle-esque' living space with pot plants, earthy tones and foliage prints.Meantime, the oversized windows let in natural light and views of the oversized deck and swimming pool.Similarly grand in size is the double-height living room that acts as the hub of the home.Upstairs, the five bedrooms are finished with House of Hackney wallpaper, based on Victorian designs by William Morris, with the master bedroom's mirrored four-poster bed making an unmistakably 'Kate Moss' statement.Another stand-out space is the black-and-white stripy guest room with pink curtains and Peruvian bed covers.Throughout the home, artwork is used in abundance, with pieces by Allen Jones, Chris Levine, Damien Hirst, and Mit Senoj along with the Moss's collaborations with Dinos Chapman and Chris Allen.The result of the mix of different eras and approaches to design is a modern and glamorous take on a traditional English home.Take a look...


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