Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2024

January 7, 2024

I’m always looking out for new trends to stay on the beat for my clients. This time, I’m focusing on the top kitchen trends for 2024. This year, we're opening our kitchen doors to a smorgasbord of exciting trends that add personality and style to the heart of our homes; from statement lighting that steals the show to marble accents that add a touch of timeless luxury. These are the biggest kitchen trends that are as functional as they are fabulous: 

Statement Lighting That Steals The Show

With kitchen lights taking the spotlight this 2024, I think it’s about time we veered away from ordinary pendant lights and opt instead for statement pieces that can make our kitchens really stand out.

image credit: Lillie Thompson

I love how kitchen statement lights are not only functional, they also serve as a great focal point and adds texture to the space.

More Marble

Marble is also having a moment in kitchens for 2024, and in exciting new ways! Since marble has a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, it can easily elevate the overall look of a kitchen so don't be afraid to get creative with it. Think dramatic veinings and even unexpected colours such as deep greens or rich blues. You can even combine different marble types and patterns for a more unique and personalized look.

Image credit: Younes Bounhar

And if you're worried about sustainability and price, marble is a natural stone and you can find eco-friendly options in the market such as recycled marble. For a cheaper alternative, you can opt for quartz or porcelain with marble-like patterns.

Homey Kitchens

Another trend that I’m glad is making a comeback is making kitchens feel more like living areas. For the longest time, kitchens were feeling more commercial and fast-paced, but now kitchen tables are making a bigger comeback.

Image credit: Felix Forest

With the addition of kitchen tables, people are encouraged to slow down, relax, and enjoy the company of others.

Bolder Design

Another big kitchen trend for 2024 are bolder range hoods. They're no longer just functional appliances, they're also becoming central design elements that showcase personality and elevate the entire kitchen aesthetic. It's time to break away from traditional styles and embrace curved forms, geometric lines, and unexpected shapes. Don't be afraid to go bold and go after range hoods that are made from unique materials like brass, copper, stone, etc. that adds texture and warmth to your culinary space!

Image credit: Anson Smart

I personally adore this kitchen and the red hues. But I particularly like how the custom range hood cover and the texture on it took this kitchen to another level. It’s such a bold choice that paid off.

Stainless Steel Returns

For the longest time, stainless steel in home kitchens has been considered a passé because it doesn’t exude warmth, and stainless steel kitchens have always been recognized as a hallmark of professional and commercial kitchens.

Image credits: Brent Darby (left), deVOL (right)

These bespoke kitchens beautifully capture how stainless steel can seamlessly fit into a home setting. It’s the perfect combination of commercial and home. As long as you add some organic furniture like wood, it can really make the space homier. 

Transforming Kitchens for the New Year

I love how this year's kitchen trends are straying from the norm and getting bolder and more innovative. From using statement lighting to customising range hood covers, kitchens are becoming a place to entertain guests and house art.

Personally, just looking at these trends has me itching to renovate my kitchen. If you’re feeling the same, make sure to drop me a line, and let’s switch up your kitchen according to any of these trends as well!

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