Best Interior Design Trends in 2020

May 22, 2022

We have been researching the best interior design trends in 2020 and have come up with a great list to get your 2020 design inspiration going. A new decade means new trends. Join us as we take a look at what stands the test of time, what is old and out, and what is brand new in the design world.

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Out: Rose gold and muted pink / grey, monochrome and white washed.The last decade saw a lot of monochrome, grey and rose gold kept popping up everywhere. Let's move on...In: Warm natural tones and wood.For 2020, we are embracing more natural tones. According to Vogue, "...warm colors and woods will be the palette du jour." Another article from Homes to love states, "Natural patterning and earthy finishes will be everywhere this year..."

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Out: Plastic, cheap furniture.It is easy to go to a big box furniture store and pick up a cheap mass manufactured piece, but with more people focusing on sustainability and the environment, it is a trend of the past.In: Reused and recycled solid furniture pieces. Vogue calls it " chic..."Shopping second hand for solid pieces that may need some love but still have lots of life in them is on trend for 2020. Or investing in a more expensive option that will stand the test of time.

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Out: Showroom homes, and items just for show.Overly staged homes where people enter and don't want to sit on the furniture are not inviting and on the way out.In: Lived in spaces and carefully thought out accessories.A trend we have seen pop up in multiple places for 2020 is getting rid of items that are just for show and introducing a purpose into each item in your home. Think Marie Kondo for your home, does it bring you joy?

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Out: GreigeGone are the days of a home full of greige walls inside and out.In: Earth and Jewel tonesThis years Pantone Colour of the Year suggests just this. A step away from grey and white undertones and a step into jewel tones and earthy colours.

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Out: Making a statement with only paintWe have slowly been creeping away from using just paint to update every space.In: WallpaperThis trend seems to consistently come and go over time. 2020 wall paper trends are more bold with patterns likely reminding us of our childhood homes.The most consistent trend for this year seems to come from everyone wanting a more eco-friendly home, using old and natural materials rather than buying new. We think the trend away from plastic and mass manufacturing will be one that sticks for years to come.Images from here and here

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