Beach House Styling

February 27, 2023

If you are lucky enough to have a beach holiday home, make sure you enjoy yourself when decorating the interiors. As you're not living within the four walls all year round, its a more relaxed space, so give yourself permission to have a play with vibrant colours and beach themes.

Popular design ideas for beach houses revolve around naval colours, natural textures and accessories with a nautical theme. Here are some tips to get you started...

Have some fun

A beach house is a retreat where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and unwind with friends and family, so it should be a relaxed environment. Ensure the interiors are filled with objects you love, but also have fun with the beach house theme. A great starting point are nautical accessories - from lighthouse ornaments, ships’ wheels and fishing nets, to pretty shells in an assortment of jars. (I must say, I was quite taken with this fabulous framing of a vintage swimsuit 😍- see below)

Image from here
Image from here


Bring the outdoors in

Open up the tin of blue paint as bright hues that reflect the colour of the sea and sky work well in holiday homes as do more muted sandy colours. Natural textures, like rattan, timber and wool also add interest and help bring the outdoors in. More literal to the 'outdoors-in' theme is to place stones and pebbles in the bathroom or around the property’s pathways, and of course no beach house is complete without a few beautiful seashells on display. Interesting sea driftwood can also look striking on display, as per the example below from Boyd Blue.

Image via Boyd Blue
Image from here

Quality furniture

Investing in quality furniture is a must. Not only should furniture in a beach home be stylish and comfortable, it must also be sturdy enough to weather the elements. A large dining table is an essential item – where you can feast on fresh seafood and enjoy lively conversation with family and friends. Furniture that has a dual purpose is also very handy, such as a sofa that doubles as a trundle bed for guests and coffee tables that provide storage for board games.

Image from here
Image from here


Wet towels and sandy limbs come with the territory of a beach house, so using slipcovers that can be washed for upholstered pieces is a good way to keep furniture looking fresh. Keep the grounds as maintenance free as possible and purchase outdoor furniture that can be stacked and stored away, so it won’t be ruined by the elements.

These gorgeous slip covers are practical and they add to the beach theme with their nautical stripes.

If you would like further assistance in designing your beach house, be it from a new build to sourcing a few key pieces, please contact me here, or call me on 0417 088 062.

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