A Tour of Flea’s Malibu Compound

April 11, 2022

Over the years, Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist, Flea, has come to be regarded as a style icon. His fashion choices are unique and interesting. Does anyone else remember the pants made out of stuffed toy animals? And what about how, for most of the 90s his main stage costume was a pair of white Y-Front underwear. Melbourne born, he even wore his undies onstage at Rod Laver Arena in front of his Nana.

As it can be with eccentric people, their creativity is often genius. A glimpse of Flea’s mansion in Malibu, USA suggests his quirky style isn’t confined to fashion alone, but extend to home design and interiors.

Flea’s Malibu property is more than just a home, it is a ‘retro-futuristic’ compound over several acres, which features not one, but THREE architecturally significant homes. Like Flea’s fashion choices, all of which are unique.

The oldest home on the property is a Mid Century Modern gem, built in the 1950s by famed architect Richard Neutra. The stylish dwelling is made mostly of glass, with a stone fireplace and several pieces of built-in furniture including a sliding breakfast nook, as well as a sofa that features a record player and speakers.

The main residence on the site is more reflective of Flea’s flamboyant style. It is a futuristic, 7-sided structure with an open-air courtyard at the centre. Designed in 2009 by celebrated architect, Michael Maltza, the home was honoured with 3 awards from the American Institute of Architects. Portioned into a series of triangles and polygons, the rooms in the house are revealed in a pinwheeling progression rather than a linear fashion. No straight hallways for Flea!

The main suite in the polygon home features a particularly unique bathroom, with a blue curved penny tile wall around the shower and a skylight above it.

The third structure on the compound is a lovely retreat for guests. It is a space efficient log cabin built by local artist and craftsman Peter Staley. It features native timber, in an effort for the structure to blend in with the environment.

The compound also features a swimming pool, theatre, basketball court and ocean views. Reports state that the property sold for $9.8 million USD (Approx. $13 million AUD) in February this year.

Photo credits: Cameron Carothers courtesy of Compass

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