A Fairytale Swim Club in Shanghai

May 22, 2022

A Shanghai based architectural design firm, x-living has created a dream like space for parents, children and infants. The fairytale swim club in Shanghai is not only an interior designers dream, it is the ideal play space for parents and children alike.The amount of detail taken to create this pastel paradise is exceptional. The reception desk is made to look like a boat in water leading into the next space. The reception space leads into a shoe-changing room that focuses on pops of bold pattern in a pastel pink room.The next space is a stunning reading room, which features round lampshades that are also featured throughout the club. According to designboom, "the round lampshades are meant to be sprays of water splashing in the sky."The round lampshades are also present in the swimming area, with the blue water contrasting with the pink pastel walls and bold black and white patterns throughout.The innovative design firm, x-living has thought of everything when it comes to both design and convenience for parents, from the window between the pool and the parents area so parents can keep a watchful eye, to the stunning restaurant with a playful 'pastel egg palace' surrounded by tables for the parents to relax while watching their children play.Mirrors are used throughout, included in the hallways, creating a playful and maze-like space.There is a wonderful play on space, shapes, pattern and colour in this fairytale swim club in Shanghai. Take a look for yourself below and dive into this well crafted and curated space.Images from here.

Loong Swim Club reception
Loong Swim Club shoe changing area
Loong Swim Club restaurant
Loong Swim Club reading area
Loong Swim Club pool
Loong Swim Club colours
Loong Swim Club hallway
Loong Swim Club party room
Loong Swim Club infant baths
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