A colourful pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman

May 22, 2022

British interior designer Kit Kemp created a colourful pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman.  A beautiful light-filled loft space on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman was transformed into a whimsical space with the designer's creations and collaborations.The 'Mythical Land' wallpaper found throughout the space is a collaboration with Andrew Martin.The fabric covering the cushions, furniture, and curtains in the space are from collaborations with Christopher Farr and Chelsea Textiles.The rugs throughout the space come from Wilton Carpet's Kit Kemp Collection.Kemp uses colour in the three different spaces, changing from pastels to stronger bold tones. She is known for mixing prints and colours and in this space she does so seamlessly, creating a cohesive space that is appealing to the eye.According to Vogue Living, she added one off pieces in the space that once sold will be replaced with something new.Kemp is known for her work in boutique hotels and this space is indicative of her work with various artists who create stunning painted furniture (Melissa White), multi-media mobile (Daniel Reynolds), embroidered and applique pieces (Kumi and Pippa Caley), artworks (Jo Waterhouse) and (Ruby Keane), and framed decorative plates (Robina Jack).Kemp is certainly one to add a touch of witty and whimsical to her designs, making her style iconic. See images from the colour-filled pop up below.

Kit Kemp 3
Kit Kemp 2
Kit Kemp 4
Kit Kemp 5
Kit Kemp 7
Kit Kemp 6
Kit Kemp 8
Kit Kemp 10
Kit Kemp 9
Kit Kemp 11

Images from here

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