6 Popular Interior Design Styles to help define your personal style

May 22, 2022

In this article I take a look at 6 popular interior design styles to help define your personal style. This can help you find some design inspiration to plan some changes in your home. Before reading on, always remember that it's important to surround yourself with things you love and you don't need to stick to one particular design style in your home. For example, you may really enjoy both contemporary and mid-century modern, and remember to incorporate some of those precious treasures you may have inherited or picked up on your travels.  I can help you create your own unique interior.

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1. Scandinavian

This style is a clean, minimalist-leaning design choice with a mix of simple lines and natural colours and fibres.  If you love mixing nature into your design and minimal clutter, this is a great design choice for you.

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2. Mid-century Modern

This design style pairs well with almost every other style.  It uses lots of warm wood tones, retro furniture and accessories.  This style originated in the 50s and 60s.  Mid-century modern furniture has a retro feel to it, but also clean lines that can be incorporated seamlessly into most homes.

Mid Century Modern
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3. Contemporary

Think natural light, clean lines, and minimalist living.  This design style incorporates lots of reflective surfaces to create a chic, elegant look.  It can be a difficult design style to perfect, but choosing a feature element, like the light fixture in our Flinders Street apartment project is a good place to start.

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4. Maximalism

If you love mixing patterns, textures, and colours, this is the design style for you.  Wallpaper is a good starting point for maximalism design, just like the wallpaper here in our Abbotsford project.  The bolder the better.  If you are worried about taking the plunge with this design element, it is a good idea to contact an interior designer and start with a smaller room in your home.

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5. Hamptons/Coastal

The name Hamptons comes from the popular holiday location outside of NYC. This style incorporates nautical design elements and often features blue to mimic the colours of the ocean.  Wicker furniture and natural textures pairs well with this design style.

Image from here

6. Art Deco

Jewel tones and brass finishes shine in Art Deco homes.  This glamourous design style made a mini-resurgence about 10 years ago, especially following the remake of The Great Gatsby movie, but it is well and truly time that we re-embraced the glitz of the roaring 20s.  You don't have to go as bold as jewel toned walls to create an elegant Art Deco home. This hotel in Porto, Portugal, that I stayed in last year is a beautifully restored art deco hotel with understated nods to the era.

Maison Albar
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