5 Winter Decorating tips for the Australian Home

May 22, 2022

Winter home decoration needn’t be a chore. It may be cold outside this time of year in Australia, but that doesn’t mean your interior should be hibernating too! Here are five decorating ideas to make your home feel alive this winter.

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1. Colour & Texture

By thinking about these two design elements as complementary forces, you can easily reinvigorate your space to be as warm as a French ski lodge. Think deep, regal tones in teal, royal blue and reds. Reaffirm this feeling of opulence with your soft furnishing choices - wools, velvet, chunky knits and faux fur all lend themselves to creating the cosiest of spaces.

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2. Greenery

Give life to your indoor space with a touch of greenery. In Australia we are blessed with an array of plants which thrive indoors, such as the rough maidenhair fern or delicate orchids, with more than 50 species native to Australia. If you're not green thumbed, opt for some gorgeous seasonal cut foliage and flowers from your local farmers market.

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3. Rearrangement

Changing your home needn’t be a costly exercise that means a new fit out every season. Take the time to see your space with new eyes, evaluate what you already have and rearrange. See if seating works in a different configuration or try switching art pieces into different rooms and see them shine in a new light.

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4. Layer

If you are after an instant and effective solution, layering is the answer. Layering items immediately softens a space and adds personality to a room. Think embroidered cushions and throws, sheepskins, rugs and curtains. Even using ornate rugs as wall hangings can be the answer to creating a welcoming space.

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5. Lighting

Sure there aren’t as many hours of natural sunlight in winter. But use this to your advantage to curate moods that you can’t in summer, working with the season. Place lighting in corners to add soft focus and open up a room. Try small lamps and candles dotted around the house to complement this snug time of year. Be sure to use bulbs with a warm tone, which give a more natural cast.Follow us on Instagram @ferrariinteriors

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