Staying Ahead of Trends: Interior Design Trends for 2024

October 23, 2023

It’s almost 2024 and the interior design world is bursting with new (and old) ideas that’ll shape the way homes will look from 2024 onwards. New trends are constantly popping up on social media and it can be hard to see what’ll stick, but I have my bets for the trends that’ll stay.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your home this new year, check out my favourite interior design trends for 2024!


Curvy Aesthetics

It’s no surprise that curvy aesthetics are here to stay. Organic arches and biophilic design have been taking the world by storm as designers trade in angles for curves. 

While curves are here to stay, you should still be mindful of their placement. Adding curves without a vision can diminish your space’s overall aesthetic. But, if you add it in a tasteful way, you can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your room.

A balance between angles and curves is the key to making your home look gorgeous.


Hellenistic Revival

Pinterest is buzzing with Grecian inspirations. The combination of ancient and modern in design is making waves as more homeowners choose Corinthian and Greco-Roman-inspired pieces. 

The revival of Hellenistic design promotes luxury and attention to detail. This trend can probably be chalked up to the rise of the ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic that emerged during the pandemic.

I think that the Hellenistic Revival trend is all about adding unique pieces to your room for that classic meets modern style.

Image: Architectural Digest

Colour Drenching

Bold, sophisticated, and simple. Colour drenching is one of my biggest interior design trends for 2024.

Colour drenching is when you choose one colour to decorate your room with. If you ask me what’s a good colour to choose, I’d say go with a light-toned colour. 

I say light-toned colour because this can make your space feel brighter and look larger. Just don’t forget to choose an accent colour beforehand. 

Image: Homes & Gardens

Retro Returns

The mod, Art Deco, and disco eras returning to homes are something that really excites me. Retro returns? Sign me up! 

Taking elements from the 50s to the 80s and incorporating them into your home is all the rage. Irregular sofas? Funky decors? Chrome-plated furniture? Yes, please.

Mixing styles from different eras will result in a quirky home.


Natural Elements

Choosing sustainable pieces has become a norm in today’s design philosophy. This means investing in timeless pieces that are easy to keep and love until the end of their life.

Adding natural elements and creating a space that’s designed with the environment in mind is another way to design a natural-looking home. Going with nature and staying grounded in it is one of my most favourite ways to design a home that encourages holistic living.

Entering the New Year with a Beautiful Home

Now that you have some of the top interior design trends for 2024, what do you think? Did I choose my trends well? Think you’re ready to take the plunge of redesigning your space to house these trends?

If you reckon that you’re ready to take the leap, drop me a line, and let’s make your home 2024 ready!

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